Are you passionate about furniture?

Do you have an interest in interiors?

Are you looking for a little more income?

Do you want to work for yourself without any upfront payments?

Do you have a wide circle of friends, family and work colleagues?

Are you good at selling?

If your answer is YES please read on........................

If you wish to become an AGENT for edward & ellen please read carefully the following terms and conditions.

An AGENT is termed as an individual representing the company edward & ellen with the sole purpose of promoting its products and raising awareness. An AGENT will not be an employee of edward & ellen but will be acting solely for him or her self on a self employed basis.

An AGENT will be paid solely on commission on each product sold on a percentage basis.

An AGENT will have access to the solid handcrafted mango wood products listed on the edward & ellen website but will not solely be restricted to just these products.

An AGENT will promote our products and raise awareness in a professional and honest manner.

An AGENT will receive their commission 14 days after the product has been delivered. If the product is returned within that period no commission will be paid.

Commissions will be paid direct into the AGENTS bank account.

The commission paid will be a percentage of the final listed price on the website.

An AGENT must inform edward & ellen of an impending sale immediately, by email, or their reference ID must be attached to the sale notes. An email from the buyer confirming that you were instrumental in their product purchase will also suffice. Without any of these confirmations no commissions can be paid.

An AGENT will receive 10% commission on the listed price of a single product order or multiple order on the website.

An AGENT cannot publish or advertise any products to any domain whatsoever without permission and approval from edward & ellen.

An AGENT will always act in the best interest of edward & ellen.

An AGENT will always inform prospective buyers that they are representing edward & ellen as an AGENT.


Our range of mango wood furniture is of high quality. It is handcrafted and hand painted and is sourced from around the world. It has a country, rustic flavour some with a Scandinavian influence.

Our handcrafted furniture is made in our workshop near Ripon, North Yorkshire and is made from reclaimed softwood and hardwood.

Our restored furniture is sourced locally and undergoes repairs, sanding, waxing or painting.

We also stock a small range of accessories.

For further information on the materials we use please follow


As an AGENT you will have access to all the products listed on the website. This will be your main sales channel. It is important you have access to a tablet, computer or the very least a smart phone. There will be no handling of money as payment is taken through the website only. Delivery of all products is done through us. 

There are various ways that you can sell our products and the more you sell the more commissions you will make.


Word of Mouth:

Tell every single person you know what you are doing. Tell them you are an agent for edward & ellen selling high quality furniture and accessories. Know your products and have a good sales pitch. Always be honest and passionate.

Tell your friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances.

This is the number one sales avenue.

Host a Sales 'Party':

Invite your friends and colleagues to your home and host a sales 'party'.

This is for the sole intention of raising awareness and hopefully make some sales.

Target interested persons, people who are most likely to purchase. It is important to qualify a person for purchases. Ask yourself can they afford it and are they looking in particular for something.

Social Media:

If you have a wide range of 'friends' on social media, with our permission and approval first, introducing yourself as a representative for edward & ellen is a good way of making referrals and therefore sales.

We would need to know which social media you are targeting and when.


The handing out of flyers, supplied by us, in your area through doors.


If you think you can successfully represent edward & ellen as an AGENT please email us using our contact form with ALL your personal details, any sales experience and why you think you would be the right person to represent us.

We look forward to hearing from you.