How to buy from us

We want to make the buying process and delivery of your chosen furniture as easily as possible for you.

Once you have browsed our website and have chosen one or more of our products the purchase is fairly simple.

It is important you understand exactly what you are buying so please read the description, study the images and very importantly check the dimensions of the product to make sure it fits where you intend it to go before going ahead. Beware some of our products are 'made to order' with a lead time of approximately 7 weeks and these products are clearly marked.

Once you are confident it is exactly what you are looking for you can proceed with the checkout process.

On the product description adjacent to the images is the start of the process.

a. Use the scroll button to change the delivery zone. Yellow is England, orange is south Scotland and green is north Scotland. The price will adjust accordingly.

b. Use the scroll button below the delivery zones to change the quantity required if more than one is required.

c. Choose the method of payment from ADD TO CART or alternatively Buy it with Paypal.

d. Choosing Paypal will take you directly to your Paypal account for purchase.

e. Choosing ADD TO CART will add it to your cart where you can keep shopping to add further items or you can click the black box CART to take you to the subtotal page.

f. Once you are happy with the totals click the black box CHECKOUT or Paypal if you prefer.

g. This next page is the most important. We require all your information to ensure we know where to deliver your product and to send you updates on the status of your delivery. Once completed click the blue box Continue to shipping method.

h. This page will show you the shipping charges. We have set these charges to Free as most of our products include free delivery. At this stage you can change your contact details and /or shipping address. The total of your purchases are on the right with taxes included.

i. Once happy click the blue box Continue to payment method.


j. On this page you can select your method of payment. Fill in all the details ensuring your credit card details match your address. You can switch to billing address if required and also save your details for faster checkout next time.

k. Top right is a box for any discount codes issued by us. Fill this in, if you have one, and the total will automatically change.

l. Finally once you are happy with everything click the blue box Complete order.

Congratulations! You have purchased your items.


What happens next?

We will receive your order almost immediately and we will be very happy! Within a very short time we will confirm to you we have received the order and that it is being processed.

We only operate online and our products are held in storage so our first job is to double check your product is in stock. Though we update our stock levels each day this type of furniture is very popular and can quickly sell out.

If all is well we will confirm your order and give you a delivery status. We use third parties to deliver our goods so they will contact you directly with delivery information from the information you gave us.

It is at this stage where we will capture your payment.

If your product is OUT OF STOCK we will inform you immediately when your item will be available. If you are happy to wait a little more time we will capture your payment and give you regular updates on the delivery status.

Should you wish to cancel your order we will NOT capture your payment but will keep you informed when it becomes available should you wish to reorder. 

Our promise