This is a very simple tutorial to hand paint furniture in a shabby chic, country style with a minimum of fuss and hassle.

You will need:

2 x Medium size good quality brushes 40 mm. (Any DIY store)
1 x Course sanding block. (Any DIY store)
1 x Medium sanding block. (Any DIY store)
1 x Fine sanding block. (Any DIY store)
1 x 1 litre of chalk paint, colour of your choice. (Arts and crafts store)
1 x Tin of wax (clear). (Arts and crafts store)
1 x Cleaning cloth.
1 x Soft finishing cloth.


Stage 1: 

Choose a relatively small piece of furniture for your first try, eg small bookcase, small side table, small stool etc etc. If you haven't one yourself ask a relative or friend. Failing that you can buy them from any charity shop, car boot sale, ebay, market stall etc etc. You don't have to pay too much.

Make sure the piece you choose is sound and sturdy with no major defects.

Stage 2:

Clean the furniture with a degreaser to remove all the dirt, grime and grease.

Take the course sanding block and rub down all the surfaces, no more than 5 minutes is necessary.

Take the medium sanding block and repeat for another 5 minutes.

Finally take the fine sanding block and repeat for a further 5 minutes.

Clean away all the dust with a cloth.

Stage 3:

You're ready to paint after just 15 minutes!

Stand your project on an old table or similar with an old towel beneath.

Stir well your chalk paint for a few minutes. Hot tip: Stick a piece of tape across the top of the paint container to balance your brush and keep the sides clean!

Start painting, with your good quality paint brush, the underneath of the furniture first (always best to paint underneath, even though you won't see it...much more professional). Follow the grain with slow brush strokes and coat with an even layer being careful not to cause drips (not too much paint on the brush). Turn the piece of furniture the correct way and continue painting. It maybe necessary to wait for the underneath paint to dry before turning (go make yourself a nice cup of tea).

Leave the first coat to dry, say a couple of hours.

Stage 4:

When completely dry, sand down lightly with the fine sanding block and repeat the process of stage 3.

Stage 5: 

(If required give a third coat to the visible areas only, when the furniture is the correct way up. Leave to fully dry again).

Now comes the fun part! take the coarse sanding block and rub away some of the edges and corners that would have be worn by wear and tear over the years. Don't over do it, but it is personal preference. When completed repeat the areas with the medium sanding block and finally the fine sanding block.

Clean away all the dust with your cloth.

Stage 6:

Finally brush the clear wax all over the furniture with your second quality paint brush  and let dry for 10 minutes. Polish the furniture with a soft finishing cloth.

HEY's finished!

You are now the proud owner of a shabby chic style hand painted piece of furniture...all done in less than a day!

Here's to your next project!