Anna Whatmore Pottery Vase


Brand edward & ellen

This is a piece of unique pottery from Anna Whatmore (see below for more about her) and is in near perfect condition.

It has a glazed finish and earthy coloured tones typical of Anna's style.

About Anna:

My husband and I worked together for ten years at the Archaeology Department of Ferenczy Museum in the small town called Szentendre. Being a potter, I viewed the unearthed pottery fragments at excavations with a different eye from the archaeologists, and this many-sided look at things proved to be mutually very useful. The intention of trying to bring those ancient patterns into the 21st century already started to emerge deep within me then, as I feel they carry a surviving significance within us.

Later on, in the „Gorka” Museum of Ceramics of Verőce, I got well acquainted with high firing techniques. I was part of the group creating an Olsen wood fired kiln, which was eventually built in the garden of the museum, and running the ’free university ’ established here.
And so every bit fell into place, now I have my own workshop, where I use high fired glazes as well as long forgotten patterns on my pottery.

I use various stoneware, fire it on high fire (1250 Celsius) whereby the pots burn solid and become resistant. Due to this massive solidity and the glazes, liquids can’t filter through to the outer surface of the vessels.
I use another ancient technique on every pot: I polish the unglazed surface by rubbing a little stone over it. This is an extremely time-consuming activity, but it makes the surface of the pot feel like being glazed. What’s more, the above process makes the clay of the vessels even more compact, further reducing the possibility of liquid infiltration. Pottery burned out on such a high fire temperature can be used in the oven, in the microwave oven, and even washed in the dishwasher.
In such high temperatures it is highly unpredictable what happens to the glaze during firing and kilning. The thicker glaze layers will result in stronger colours, where the glaze is thinner, the colours will vary. I like this playful contingency and I consciously use it in my work. As a result every piece I make is unique.

Will It Fit?

Height 21 cm

Width 15 cm

Depth 15 cm

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